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To give you the most beautiful smile possible without accepting any compromises. To promise you top performance, passion and reliability so your decision will still make you happy for years to come. I and my entire team live by these principles.

Experience how Dental Design breaks with convention in every respect and sets new standards with regard to functionality and aesthetics as well as comfort of wear and quality.

Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen


Did you know that with only a little effort you can have 100%
perfect dental aesthetics pain-free?

We are the experts for high-quality aesthetic complete solutions. From veneers and no-prep veneers to teeth bleaching, crowns and bridges as well as dental prostheses right through to the most modern techniques such as lumineers – we have been consistently setting new quality standards
for more than 20 years and are

the number 1 in Europe


“The average gives the world its substance. The exceptional gives it its value.”
Oscar Wilde

Dental Design Reichert is an individual dental laboratory with the highest standards.
Over 200 dental practices place their trust ain the excellent technical services offered by our dental laboratory. Our customer base includes over 100 international greats from the film and music scene, athletes, models as well as businessmen and executives from all over Europe, in addition to national health and private patients. Mr Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen is rated as the contact partner for dental aesthetics. TV stations and magazines such as Vogue have reported on his exceptional achievements.


Art instead of artificial

One should only start a project if the result creates a WOW WOW effect.
Mr. Reichert di Lorenzen has managed like no other to elevate dental handwork to an art form.
“Art instead of artificial” is his motto and therefore emphasis should not be placed on insurance company regulations but on the ambitious pursuit of perfection.



Your insurance company would like to restrict the reimbursement of the material and laboratory costs for dental treatment, such as e.g. veneers, lumineers, bridges, crowns or dental implants.
It considers these costs to be too high and intends to restrict the expected invoice from the laboratory to the level of the maximum prices stipulated by public insurance companies, although the restricted claims (economic, appropriate, sufficient) do not apply to non-public insurance companies.

I would like to say the following on this subject:
Paragraph 9 GOZ stipulates that the reasonable costs actually ensued from the dentist for dental treatments (such as veneers, lumineers, bridges, crowns or dental implants) may be charged. A reasonable price for dental treatment is definitely somewhat different in Hamburg than in Luneburg, Szczecin or Manila. The reasonable costs for dental treatments for private patients are taken from the positions listed in the national designation listing (BEB).

The BEB does not list euro amounts for single dental treatments, but it considers plan times, which are determined from various studies. These plan times are taken from averaged values. This fact means that deviations from the plan times occurring to a limited extent in the central laboratories are unavoidable because not all laboratories use the same methods.

Different plan times for the individual dental laboratories and their corresponding cost rates per minute / labour rates arise from the individual quality standards. This results in an arithmetic calculation for the individual BEB positions. However, the reimbursement department obviously does not consider that different individual prices can arise, which have to be respectively considered as reasonable.

Although on the matter of dental laboratory costs, the majority of private health insurance rates on the market stipulate that reasonable treatment costs are covered by medical insurance and that there are no additional service restrictions, in practice benefit cuts are undertaken again and again.

Your insurance randomly defines an hourly rate of € 67.50. It reasons that it is not transparent that the people they insure should have the right to a more expensive and higher quality level of care than those who are publically insured. For those who are publically insured, for example, there is a restriction of sufficient quality. You will remember the definition of “sufficient” from your school days. In the case of your incisor tooth, that would mean a simple crown, which has been layered with neck, dentine and cutting edge material, has not been adapted individually to the colour gradient of the adjacent teeth and transparency and opalescence have not been considered. This type of “good” crown requires more work and is more expensive. I refuse to believe that a patient insured by Barmenia does not have a right to this type of socially adequate crown.

Several other insurance companies have incorporated so-called material costs lists, at least for new insurance contracts, as an integral part of the insurance contract. An insurance contract, which contains this type of material costs list as an integral part of the insurance contract, gives the insured party the chance to calculate the costs based on the list. However it should be observed that a number of insurance companies have created material costs lists, which are not an integral part of their contractual conditions and therefore the insurance contract and nevertheless calculate costs based on this material costs list. If the material costs lists are not an integral part of the insurance contract, the following applies: Because the specific type of performance of dental work has been disregarded, the material costs lists cannot be relevant for calculating the insurance services according to current jurisdiction.

Subsequent introduction of this material costs list represents a unilateral restriction of the insurance contract to the disadvantage of the insured party and has for this reason already been declared by some courts as invalid. In this sense a restriction of certain hourly rates (e.g. € 67.50), not mentioned in the original insurance contract, is also not legally valid.

Please check your original insurance contract for these points!

According to a decision by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) on 12th March 2003 private health insurance companies are obliged to reimburse the actual incurred costs for medically necessary treatment to the insured party, provided there are no other claims in the insurance contract and the fundamental insurance conditions. This means that the insurance company has to reimburse the actually incurred costs for treatment to the insured party. The only exception is when the calculated fee for the treatment is extortionate according to paragraph 138 BGB – which however has practically no relevance on the grounds alone that the dentist/laboratory has a professional obligation not to demand unreasonable payment.

Individual private insurance companies are now trying to argue that the BGH cannot be applied to the reimbursement of dental treatment costs (such as e.g. veneers, lumineers, bridges, crowns or tooth implants). This argument is however legally absurd, as the regulations addressed by the Federal Court are more general and apply to the entire reimbursement for health costs.

According to the BGH jurisdiction the insurance companies do not have a legal basis for undertaking benefit restrictions to the amount of treatment costs. This “gap” is now being closed by individual insurance companies by including in their insurance conditions that insurance cover is only for treatment costs calculated to a reasonable amount.
This creates a situation where the reimbursement behaviour of the insurance companies is determined purely de facto until the decision by the federal court: In light of the recently introduced explicit benefit restriction to “reasonable” treatment costs the well-known fight will continue as to date on what actually can be defined as reasonable. As is well known, the insurance companies have their “own” concept of reasonable payment.
The fight will therefore continue and another will arise: What becomes of the so-called “old contracts”, which were drawn up at a point in time, when the insurance companies’ contract conditions did not yet include the benefit restriction that only “reasonable” treatment costs are reimbursed?
As we can see, according to the argument provided by the insurance companies the new contract conditions also apply to the old contracts. They have been approved by an “independent” trustee according to paragraph 18 of their general insurance conditions (AVB) “for the existing insurance conditions”, as allegedly there should be no disadvantage for the insured party in the new insurance conditions.

Reason: The reorganisation corresponds to the refund schemes to date.
The same argument is made for reimbursement of dental laboratory costs. As these also rank as expenses for medically necessary treatment, the insurance company should – provided there are no contractual conditions expressly stating benefit restriction – reimburse the actual ensued or calculated costs.



Art instead of artificial


To see more click on the picture.








The no-prep veneer technique ranks as one of the most revolutionary technologies in dentistry. The treatment does not damage or grind the teeth and is conducted without an injection – absolutely pain-free. Mr Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen is rated as an expert for the veneer technique, is internationally recognised and in demand as a speaker. He is also one of the leading specialists in the no-prep veneer sector. He significantly developed and perfected this technique. His book “Veneer Visions” is considered an innovative manual.




The only thing that interferes is the patient – the practical guidebook for dentists

Today the successful future of a dental practice is not exclusively determined by professional skills. The view of the patient as the customer is a decisive success factor.

This bestseller from Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen has become a standard reference book for economically minded dentists focusing on the future. As the European expert for no-prep veneers, high quality tooth aesthetics and dental prostheses, he offers in his book, now in its 4th edition, much more than can be found in other conventional practical guidebooks.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Highly recommended for a modern practice
By Lisweram 18th March 2013
Really gets to the heart of the issue, very practical in the truest sense of the word and, in my opinion, not only for dentists. Practical checklists for every chapter, entertaining to read and at the same time highly informative.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Must have
By KayGeeam 28th July 2012
All owners of a practice have to read this book, unless they don’t intend to progress! A number of good, practical tips, very simple and pleasant to read!

4.0 out of 5 stars
Private coaching in marketing and sales
By M. Bactus on 10th February 2012
Dentists are not entrepreneurs and definitely not sales reps – so this book is indispensable! Extremely motivating and inspiring, with clear benefits for practical use.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Are patients customers?
By go! Akademie AG on 3rd January 2011
Even with my many years of experience as a businessman and as such also a “sales person” I find this book fundamentally fascinating, instructive and entertaining. It tackles questions on how a practice can survive amidst the current cutthroat competition, how a successful marketing concept can look, how initial telephone contact should be conducted and much more…And all without the common prejudice that a doctor has to sell his services. You will realise that professional skills alone are not enough to make a success of a doctor’s practice. Read and learn. I can only recommend this publication!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Required reading for every practice owner
By Günther Brandt on 13th April 2010
Congratulations, both authors have managed to create a true masterpiece. A number of practical tips for your daily work and all sorts of thought-provoking considerations. Super!Required reading for every practice owner and not only for us dentists!

5.0 out of 5 stars
The only thing that interferes is the patient
Review on 7th June 2010
I really liked the book. It could be a little bit less expensive, however the “reason for the price” becomes apparent on reading. I would recommend this book to those who strive to improve and like to view things from a different perspective. The reader is introduced to various everyday situations/”problems” in daily practice life with the use of clear examples and is shown why it is worthwhile changing these and simple examples on how they can be changed.

The bestseller


5.0 out of 5 stars
Clear statements

By Dr. Ralf Rieger on 10th March 2010
The cover is somewhat over styled, the content is clearly structured and easily comprehensible. The author is someone who still earns his money from dentistry. And the other knows the daily weaknesses of the routine. Entertaining to read and is also highly recommended as a reference book or source for team meetings. Even such professionals are not safe from fakes: the highly praised dentists blog turned out to be a spam page (2/10).

5.0 out of 5 stars
My new practice bible
By M. K. on 29th January 2010
It is very impressive how the authors manage to hold a mirror up to us dentists and don’t just tackle complex subjects but also offer practical suggestions as a solution. Not only absolutely required reading for every practice, but also for assistants.



A craftsman’s skill and knowledge can make an artificial tooth into a work of art, staying close to nature and subsequently creating a natural smile.

But the insurance companies (even the private insurance companies) do not have your welfare in mind, choosing to adhere to the concluded contracts. Not all treatments are paid, regardless of whether they would be advisable or necessary. In the majority of cases, aesthetic provisions are not subsidised at all. The regulations for a treatment covered by insurance are only just sufficient and appropriate.

But who wants to have a sufficient, appropriate crown or bridge, possibly with visible metal?

Please remember: There is always someone who produces a product at a somewhat inferior level and sells it somewhat more favourably. The decision for your physical well-being and the aesthetic effect of your teeth lies exclusively in your hands. Make the decision to have a beautiful, natural smile that highlights your effect and fulfils your expectations completely.


Making of our Imagefilm


If you are looking for perfect aesthetics, you will inevitably go to Mr Reichert di Lorenzen… …

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Koller, Marbella

Perfect aesthetics

For perfect aesthetics and dentistry , as well as the provision of beautiful teeth, not only technical know-how, creativity and sensitivity are required, but also an artist’s“ des eye. The veneers, bridges, crowns, dental implants or lumineers for teeth that he creates with passion and commitment look like they have been created from nature.




More veneer provisions



Case Studies

Other Veneer Procedures



Our pursuit of perfection using the example of

No Prep-Veneers



Katja Momberg


As a presenter my smile is extremely important, making something beautiful even more beautiful is a true art, which Mr Reichert di Lorenzen masters to perfection in dentistry.

Heike Beaujean


My new teeth do not just look exceptionally natural, they also feel like my real teeth. My finest decision.

Redie Wahaida


Unbelievably beautiful and natural. Instead of years of orthodontic treatment and implants… a perfect smile in a short time with no-prep veneers. Can only be recommended!



Read what others write about us and make up your own mind!



Based on a study by the Thomsen Group











Statements and opinions on Dental Design Reichert by renowned dentists

Frau Dr. Löblich

......because your work simply looks wonderful!


Dear Mr Reichert di Lorenzen, I would like to thank you on behalf of my employees for the excellent collaboration.
Your work excels due to your standards, which are set far above that of other dental laboratories. I am so delighted that our “paths crossed“ and I am finally no longer afraid of anterior restorations because your work looks simply wonderful! You are a thorough aesthete and that gives me great joy.
This year I have had the pleasure of learning a lot from you, I would also like to thank you for that. I look forward to our continued trusting and sound collaboration.

Frau Dr. Löblich
Dr. Merhrdad Arjomand

The joy of dental restorations! Perfect service coupled with the highest level of quality.

Dr. Merhrdad Arjomand
Dr. Torsten Wegner

It’s fun to work with Mr Reichert and his team


It is fun to work with Mr Reichert and his Dental Design Team at the highest possible level of modern dentistry and dental aesthetics. My patients experience the same undivided attention from Mr Reichert and his team as they are used to from our practice – making Dental Design Reichert our counterpart in service and quality. A great partnership.

Dr. Torsten Wegner
Dr. Peter Wallrath

The result is always a joy


Our work together excels because it is at the highest level of professionalism. Perfection through precision and extensive knowledge of gnathologic connections are a matter of course. His instinct for aesthetics when creating crowns, whether veneered metal ceramic or Procera, the harmony of form and colour as well as the natural appearance – both for Hollywood and highly individual solutions – borders on genius. The result is always a joy for the critical dentist and the most discerning patients.

Dr. Peter Wallrath
Dr. Wahlmann

He is a competent business partner in all fields


My supplementary aesthetic qualification from university in New York raised my personal expectations of dentistry to a higher level. I met Mr Reichert di Lorenzen at the world congress for aesthetics and surgery, where he was a speaker. Since then he has been responsible for all my aesthetic provisions. Mr Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen stands out due to his unique instinct for all things beautiful. He is a competent business partner in all fields.

Dr. Wahlmann

The reason for our collaboration with Mr Reichert arose from some major problems we had experienced with other laboratories with regard to combined removable prostheses. On one hand there were repeated aesthetic inadequacies, on the other hand we constantly had difficulties specifically with setting optimal friction with good comfort of wear. The collaboration with Dental Design provided us with a high level of patient satisfaction in this area.

Dr. Laatz

ZDental services under the guidance of Mr Oliver Reichert form the basis for high-quality dentistry in our practice. In the aesthetic dentistry sectors we can attain perfect results through our collaboration with Dental Design.

Dr. Laatz
Dr. Schiemann

His personal commitment ensures that the patient receives a consultation at the highest level, in which Mr Reichert takes a lot of time to discuss the individual wishes of the patient with a high level of sensitivity.

Dr. Schiemann
Dr. Kluschke

Mr Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen is a master in perfection and aesthetics.

Dr. Kluschke



Combined technology

Comfort of wear, security and longevity as well as aesthetics are predominant factors for removable provisions in the dental prosthetics sector. Our visionary dental laboratory is the pioneer in the production of the first combined dental prostheses made entirely of ceramic. Galvano crowns made of 99.99 % pure gold provide friction and retaining elements.


Crowns and bridges

Visible and badly made crowns and bridges are a thing of the past. Natural-looking and biocompatible teeth are made from zirconium oxide with the most modern technology e.g. maximum performance ceramic.


Veneer technology

Dental Design Reichert is synonymous with expert knowledge in the veneers and no-prep veneer sector. The no-prep veneer procedure has been perfected by Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen and makes his dental laboratory Dental Design Reichert the leading laboratory in this area. National and international dentists and patients value the well-known highest quality in the areas of aesthetics, functionality and security.



As a distinguished reference laboratory, we have the necessary know-how to excel even with the most complex provisions in dentistry, in addition to having the most modern equipment.


Case studies


Reichert Di Lorenzen


Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen grew up in the north of Germany and began to travel the world during his training as a dental technician, working in international dental laboratories to learn from the best. He spent a number of months in Miami (FL) and Beverly Hills (CA) as well as other locations.

After finishing master school (Meisterschule) in 1993 he gained more international experience, became self-employed three years later and finally laid the foundation in 1998 for the internationally renowned laboratory Dental Design Reichert with the establishment of a corporation in Hamburg.

The self-made man, who started his business from scratch, bought the first laboratory equipment at flea markets and auctions – and gradually built his laboratory, which is globally successful today.
As one of the first dental experts, Reichert di Lorenzen established the bleaching procedure in Germany in 2001. In 2010 he purchased the well-known white villa on the outer Alster for his company: With this step Reichert di Lorenzen created not only a technical first-class, highly modern laboratory, but at the same time an exclusive and puristic atmosphere, in which his customers can relax and feel at home. On arrival, a glass of champagne or an espresso is served in the spacious rooms before the consultation with the customer begins. Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen does not need a white coat for his professional consultation as a dentistry expert: He feels more comfortable in a handmade suit, which has become his trademark in cooperating practices.

The Dental Designer takes ample time for his consultation: His aim is always to find an individual solution tailored to the needs of the customer. The satisfaction and welfare of the customers are the core elements of his company philosophy.

He expands on this thought in an amusing way in his specialist textbook with the provocative title „The only thing that interferes is the patient“, which was published in 2010. In his bestseller, which is currently in its fifth edition and is reading material in over 90 % of dental practices in Germany, Reichert di Lorenzen explains how the practice concept, dealings with patients and staff appearance influence the success of a practice.

The 46 year-old has always aimed to manage his company as a “boutique laboratory”, in which, despite continuously increasing demand, quality prevails over quantity.
His second book “Veneer Visions” was published in Germany in 2010 and is now on the international market in Spanish, Italian and English. Reichert di Lorenzen in internationally known and in demand as a speaker.

Apropos international: His customers travel from all over the world to Hamburg for a consultation with the Dental Design specialist and to find an optimal solution for attractive teeth with a natural appearance. Numerous celebrities, including different Hollywood stars, whose names Reichert di Lorenzen will not disclose for confidentiality reasons, have already visited the villa on the outer Alster.

He consistently manages to eliminate any fears the customer may have, because he is more interested in their personality rather than whether they are affluent. “There’s nothing more rewarding”, according to Reichert di Lorenzen, “than conjuring up a terrific smile!” He has already proven on countless occasions that it is affordable.

A few words on his private life: Reichert di Lorenzen is father to a ten-year old daughter. In his free time his family and friends take priority, he plays football and golf and has a liking for cars and first-class cuisine. Friends say when he cooks he can give a number of star chefs a run for their money. Enthusiasm is another trademark. Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen is a thorough aesthete and appreciates the finer things in life.



BLACK ist ein exklusives Service-Angebot für alle Premium Kunden der Firma DENTAL DESIGN REICHERT. Das weltweit einzigartige Programm kann je nach Kundenwunsch ganz individuell zur Verfügung gestellt werden.


Gerne vermitteln wir Ihnen über unseren Geschäftspartner eine bequeme Anreise im Privatjet.


Während Ihres Aufenthaltes wird Ihnen ein Premiumfahrzeug (S-Klasse, Bentley, Rolls Royce) zur
Verfügung gestellt. Dieser Service kann um einen Privaten Chauffeur ergänzt werden.

Weitere luxuriöse Services
Im Labor werden Sie mit Dom Perignon Champagner empfangen.
Während Sie das Caviar House bei Ihrem Aufenthalt im Labor mit feinen kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten verwöhnt, wird die Präsidentensuite (Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, je nach Verfügbarkeit) für Sie vorbereitet.
Abgerundet wird Ihr Besuch in Hamburg von einer Vielzahl an exklusiven Veranstaltungen, die Sie als
VIP Gast erleben ( Ballett, Philharmonie uvw.).

Ihre Behandlung
Tag und Nacht werden Sie von einem Spitzenteam um Herrn Reichert di Lorenzen betreut und Sie
erhalten in kürzester Zeit ganz auf auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmte technische wie ästhetische

Genießen Sie Zahnästethik auf höchstem Niveau
Frau Mandy Knorr freut sich sehr darauf, Ihren ganz persönlichen Aufenthalt in Hamburg
für Sie organisieren zu dürfen. Sie erreichen Sie unter +49 40-85 37 00 37 oder per Email
an black-service@dentaldesignreichert.de.